UN spokesman Farhan Haq recalled that Guterres has consistently

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replica bags philippines wholesale They would like Europe to see these latest actions by Iran as evidence of non compliance [with the deal].”The US seems prepared for Iran to make the next diplomatic move.”We have to see what Iran actually do,” said Pompeo. “The US will wait to observe that. We’ve made a decision different to the UK has regarding the JCPOA, but I am confident as we watch Iran’s activity that we and click for more our partners will continue to work together.”Hunt did offer cautious but qualified support from the UK for the US position.”Jeremy Hunt was clear that the UK will act if Iran carries out threats to resume enrichment in 60 days, and warned Iran to think ‘long and hard’,” added Al Jazeera’s Hull.UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he hopes the nuclear deal can be saved after Iran’s announcement.UN spokesman Farhan Haq recalled that Guterres has consistently praised JCPOA as a “major achievement in nuclear non proliferation and diplomacy and has contributed to regional and international peace and security”.. replica bags philippines wholesale

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